Railroad Days 2009

200 Pearl Street, Council Bluffs, IA
(712) 329-8307

Come and celebrate the Special Agents of Union Pacific with the Union Pacific Railroad Museum. Did you know that Union Pacific has had its very own police force for the last 124 years? Come and meet Union Pacific Senior Special Agent Wade Isaacson and his K9 partner Ranger, get your picture taken with Special Agents right out of the Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid Days, courtesy of Wild West Creations and see more than ever before from UP’s special collection. From badges, guns to brass knuckles – there is something for everyone!

Housed in an historic Carnegie Library, the Union Pacific Railroad Museum features one of the oldest corporate collections in the nation. Here, you’ll journey through more than 150 years of history; in “Building America,” the Museum’s newest addition, experiencing the transcontinental railroad’s construction like never before; the Lincoln collection featuring artifacts from President Lincoln’s rail car and funeral; the “America Travel’s by Rail” exhibit, which celebrates the height of passenger travel; and the technology and innovation that sustain Union Pacific as a railroad industry leader in the exhibit, “Working on the Railroad.”