Railroad Days 2009

801 South 10th Street, Omaha, NE 68108
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For this year's Railroad Days, The Durham Museum is proud to showcase Union Pacific locomotive, C45AH, General Electric (GE) Evolution Series.  Listed by Trains Magazine in 2009 as one of the “10 locomotives that changed railroading,” this locomotive is part of the GE Evolution series of locomotives designed for superior performance and safety. Delivering 4400 horsepower with a 12-cylinder engine, the Evolution series is more efficient and easier to maintain than earlier locomotives. One 12-cylinder Evolution Series locomotive can pull the equivalent of 170 Boeing 747 jetliners!

These locomotives have special air-to-air cooling technology that enhances engine performance and lowers emissions. This translates into 5 percent less fuel use and reduces overall emissions by more than 40 percent versus previous GE models. This translates into removing 55 cars from the road or planting 75 acres of trees when compared to operating other heavy haul freight locomotives. Evolution series locomotives use dynamic braking technology that reduces wheel and brake shoe wear by up to 40 percent while delivering 117,000 pounds of braking effort.

A few of its many safety features include cutting edge air filtering technology, dynamic braking, advanced rail cleaning system, exterior light system, fire extinguisher, sand boxes and fillers, an electronic bell in addition to the horn, and a distinctive paint scheme that has roots back to 1935 and the first Streamliners.  The locomotive will be located on trackside, for guests to see the engines up close and take photos.
Plus, visit Union Station: Built to Last and explore original Union Station artifacts, images and hands-on interactives. Join us and discover our blockbuster summer exhibit Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science. Visitors can explore a re-creation of an Egyptian tomb, see a real human mummy as well as authentic art and artifacts from the daily life and funerary culture of ancient Egypt. Pharaoh’s Playlab next door provides hours of hands-on Egypt fun!  Dig and mold kinetic sand, cozy up to a storybook in our reading tents or play one of the many Egyptian themed games. Kid tested…mummy approved!